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This site represents the present, reflects the past and focuses on the future of Gente da Nossa.

Change is good! Every now and then it’s good to change things, up-date a look, a new way of thinking a different method of communicating with your friends, family, community and associates. This is our way. We will keep you updated with the net casting of our weekly shows. You can watch this week’s program or previous Gente shows. Find out what’s new with us and how you can be a part of our program.

We have been producing and hosting Gente da Nossa for 29 years. It continues to be the longest running Portuguese television program in Canada. It’s also the most watched with the greatest number of viewers across Canada. We are the only Portuguese television show produced in Canada that can be watched coast to coast from Newfoundland to British Columbia and everywhere else, north, south and in between. We are also simultaneously in Bermuda, many boarder US states and available 24 hours on the internet to the world.

I hope you like the changes we made to our site. Keep watching Gente TV every week. Be part of our events and join us in our travels.

Beijinhos, Nellie
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